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In the hopes that this work may in some way contribute to the exploration of your own unique voice, this is dedicated to the people who ever dream of singing. If only we could join you in your exciting endeavors. 


Vocal coaching has been one of the oldest industry in human history. Since the invention of chromatic scale piano, not much as been changed in the way people teach and learn singing. Singing Teacher listen to the voice of a student, find out his vocal characteristics and weaknesses, define the trainings he needs, plays him the training music track, let him sing along, listen to his pitches, and so on.

We are a team of vocalist, engineer, artist, and scientist, with our belief that we can make a difference in vocal pedagogy using proprietary innovative technology. Vocal development is a science based on new knowledge in anatomy and physiology. Vocal characteristics can be defined and determined in the scope of scientific spectroscopy. Vocal trainings can be tailor-made like a real singing teacher by application of intelligent adaptive music generation technology. All of our works are committed to advance in vocal and audio technology, making personalized singing lessons conveniently accessible, professionally reliable, and substantially affordable for every singer and potential singer.
There's no such thing as good or bad voce;
There's only trained or untrained voice. 
If you are yet a singer, then you are a potential singer. Either way, this app is made for you. 


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