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What is a Bridge?

Bridge is where Gear Change Happen in your Voice



- When it comes to certain High Notes, Change of Musculature is required

- If you force yourself stay in 1st Gear, tensions pile up for every Note Higher. You'll end up Yelling

- Change of Gear is Inescapable when it gets to certain Notes

- Bridge is where Transition Occurs. Bridge Location is Unique to every Singer

- Our App use proprietary Technology to analyze your Voice, and find out your Bridge Location for you

- You just need to do the Vocal Range Test Correctly, we'll do the Bridge Evaluation for you

- Many Vocal Trainings are based on Bridge Location. We have them Personalized to your Unique Bridge

- The Target is to develop Smooth Transition across your Bridges by proper and personalized Trainings

- The Idea of Mix Voice is to Smooth Out Transitions. You want to make your Transition of Resonances Seamless


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